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Alkaline immersion degreaser, also suitable for spray and brush procedures. Application times dependant on degree of contamination, oil coating and temperature.


The alkaline universal cleaner and degreasing agent AR90 is a water dilatable solution with low odour, for steel and other materials as plastic ceramics (tiles), floors etc.(Test should be applied before use in case of doubts). AR 90 dissolves all kind of pollution, oil, grease and organic mud. The universal cleaner AR90 is a combination of classic cleaners and high tech adaption of tensid and chemical complex-builder to ensure a wide spread applicability.

Universal and special cleaner to remove all kinds of contamination

Plus 1000

Cleans, maintains and protects in one single step. All objects that can be cleaned with water can be treated with Plus 1000.

Plus 3000

Special cleaning product for heavy contamination, coatings and corrosion. Contains highly active cleaning additives.

The new series of products contain highly active cleaning agents and additives to thoroughly finish very contaminated, damaged, corroded or unsightly stainless steel surfaces. They create a good optical and brilliant polished surface