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FR-D special

Removes impurities, oil and grease residues as well as corrosion (rust film). Visible brightening of the material.

Acid cleaning products for the cleaning of stainless steel .Removes contamination, traces of oil and grease as well as corrosion products (thin layers of rust).

Effect: visible brightening of material by deep cleaning


Surface cleaner can be applied either by spraying or dip. The minimum application period for stainless steels should be 15 min.1 kg of product is sufficient for 8 -12 m²


Removes contamination and oxide layers from aluminum, copper and copper alloys. Visible brightening of material.

P-AL is an odourless and highly effective pickling agent for aluminum surfaces-AL is also suitable for other metals and alloys (i.e. brass) removes oxides, annealing colors and contamination. After the pickling process the surface is evenly brightened.


P-AL can be either sprayed or dipped.1 kg is sufficient for approx. 8 - 12 m².Depending on the alloy, dilutions between 1:1 and 1:3 are possible. The reaction time is under normal conditions 5 - 20min.

Recommendation: Make tests to find the optimum time of reaction and product mixture. Surface treatment with P-AL provides an optimum condition for subsequent painting or coating.


AR Special

Removes organic contamination, oils and grease. Non-metallic processing marks. Suitable for metals
(not for aluminum), ceramic products and plastic materials.